Fondant trainer *TUTORIAL*

I created a pair of Addidas trainers for a recent cake I made and thought I would share with you how I made them. Firstly thank god for the internet! nowadays you can find templates for almost anything including trainers. I used a template I found on the internet (I did not make this myself!) but it didn’t come with any instructions so after a bit of fiddling and cursing voila! I put some together for you.


These trainers can be adapted to any style, colour or branding of trainer you like and are great for little accessories to a themed can or a cake topper for a birthday!

If you too would like to make your very own mini fondant trainers you will need:

  • White fondant
  • Coloured fondant (your choice)
  • 2 wooden skewers
  • Shoe template (google fondant football shoe template)
  • Corn flour for dusting
  • Sugar glue

….And here we go!

Before you start here are some tips:

  • Read and re-read the method from top to bottom before you start.
  • Keep your work surfaces well dusted with cornflour you don’t want anything sticking
  • Try not to handle the fondant too much it gets sticky when its warm
  • Don’t use too much sugar glue, again the stickiness
  • Don’t worry about making mistakes, it’s only fondant and you can always re-do sections!

1.   Print off the shoe template to the size you want your shoe. Use the sole section as a template of how big the shoe will be. *Key point – don’t try to make the shoe too big as the top has to be able to support itself*. Cut out each element and a template (don’t lose any!)

Football cake topper template
2.    Mix up your fondant in the colour you would like your shoe to be. Make sure you make enough for the whole shoe and 2 if you’re doing a pair you don’t want to have to mix up another batch and risk having 2 different colours. If you’re buying ready mixed colour skip this point.

3.   Start by rolling out the base of your shoe (white) onto a surface dusted with cornflour. Most sections of the shoe should be the same thickness. To make sure this happened I rolled the fondant between 2 wooden skewers with my rolling pin resting on both as you can see from the image below. Use the ‘Platform’ template to cut out the base.

Sorry I know this is blue i didn't get a shot of me rolling the white

Sorry I know this is blue i didn’t get a shot of me rolling the white

4.    Repeat the above step with either more white fondant for a deeper sole or your coloured fondant for a more football like shoe. Stick the 2nd base on top of the first with a small amount of sugar glue.


5.    Roll out a small piece of your coloured fondant (between the skewers) and cut out your insole. Add any labels you need to the base now.

6.    Stick this to the centre of the base make sure you leave a small lip around the edge.


7.    Roll out a bigger piece of you coloured fondant (don’t forget the skewers) and cut out the ‘top’ template. At this point if you are copying a specific shoe and they have stitching on the front area mark this out now as it will be more difficult when it’s in place.

20160606_2127488.    Run a small amount of sugar glue around the lip on base.

9.    Carefully get the front the shoe in place, butting it against that lip you made earlier. I placed a small amount of screwed up cling film on the base to help me hold the shape. This bit is tricky but keep at it. Running the edge around the base, join the top shape at the back making sure it sits on that lip all the way round. Don’t worry about the join this will be cover later.









10.    Add a small about of sugar glue to join the back together. Pop your fingers in the opening to make sure the shape is as you like it. CAREFULLY stuff this with cling film to hold the shape (don’t’ over stuff you don’t want it bursting at the seams).

11.    Cut the larger arc from the template in your coloured fondant. This can be thinner than the previous pieces as its for decoration rather than structure. Using a small amount of sugar glue fix this to the back of the shoe at the bottom.

12.    Cut the smaller arc from your white fondant and fix this at the top of the back of the shoe.

13.    Cut the laces section from your coloured fondant and pop the holes in where the laces will go. Fix this around the slit in the opening at the top of the shoe.


14.    At this point add any detailing, logos or remaining sticking to the shoe. I added 3 ‘Addidas’ stripes to the side.

Almost done!

15.    Cut out the tongue template using the skewer sticks for the thickness and add a label to the tongue if needed.

16.    Run glue around the inside of the shoe and push the end of the tongue inside fixing it to the top. Re-stuff your cling film inside to keep it in place whilst the whole thing dries.



17.   Lastly, add your laces, these can be either coloured or white depending on the look of your shoe. Simply roll the fondant out to the desired thickness and glue the ends into the hole you made earlier.


For a pair simply repeat the above but turn all the template over to make the right hand shoe.I would love to hear for you if you tried this and how it went!

8 thoughts on “Fondant trainer *TUTORIAL*

  1. jaq says:

    Can I just say, that instead of using fondant to make this it would be better with modelling paste, as modelling paste dries faster and harder than fondant will. If you want to be sure of a really hard finish then pastillage will give you this, although it can be a bit awkward to work with as it dries very quickly.
    Just food for thought, please don’t think I am critisising.

    • h-oliver says:

      Hi Jaq,

      Huge thanks for your comment, i completely agree! since developing this I have used modelling paste and it looks so much better and thinner!

      Practice makes perfect!


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