Senna’s McLaren MP4 F1 Car Cake

In preparation of the new Formula 1 season kicking off this weekend (and me yet again becoming a F1 widow) I thought I’d share the F1 cake I made last year.


There is nothing like saying the words ‘I will try my hand at anything’ and then being asked to prove it. This was the case with one of the hardest creations I have ever made.

I was asked to create a birthday cake with Senna’s McLaren mp4 car on top but as I am slightly insane I asked, flippantly may I add, if they would like me to make the actual cake in the shape of the F1 car itself. I knew instantly as soon as I had uttered the words that this was going to be tough.

I started with a template of the top view of the McLaren MP4 and a 10″ square cake. The cake was cut in half length ways and sandwiched together with buttercream. I then laid the template on top and crudely cute around it (sorry I don’t have a picture of this, I was concentrating quite hard). I then used the off cuts to build up the roll hoop/engine cover (thank you to my boyfriend for telling me what that was), also know as the bump on top. I then slowly carved away sections like the grooves between the roll hoop and side pods (again thank you boyfriend).

REMEMBER: It’s very hard to put cake on when you have cut it off so carve little bits at a time!


I then, very carefully, covered the cake in a crumb coat. At this point you can use the buttercream to fill any small mistakes. Pop it into the fridge until firm and cover with a thicker layer, this will allow you to add in any minute details like the ‘venty thingys’ (he left the room)  at the front of the side pods and back into the fridge it goes.

Cover your now really cold cake with white fondant, gently lifting and smoothing it into all the little details as you go. The red detailing was red fondant rolled EXTREMELY thin and I used the template to cut out the relevant shapes. At this thin the fondant may rip so go careful. For the front and back wings I mixed fondant with a little tylose powder to help it dry hard.


Whilst the wings are drying, mix a little black lustre dust with some vodka and using a very fine food-safe paintbrush, paint the sponsor logos on. If you don’t trust your hand you can get these printed and use a dab of water to stick them on.

20151015_223152 (1)

The wheels were made from solid black fondant and held in using wooden skewers painted with the black paint you used earlier, add these on when in position on your presentation board.

When moving the cake from your decorating board to the presentation board be VERY, VERY careful. It may need 2 of you to support the nose. Settle the wings on just before it goes on display. This may not be the biggest cake but its definitely one to wow your party guests!


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